Type of Work: Content Marketing, Videography & Community Management

AngkorMilk is a dairy factory company under Angkor Dairy Factory. The brand is a joint-venture partnership between Vietnam Dairy Product Co., Ltd and BPC Trading Co., Ltd. The company aims to bring high quality dairy products with reasonable prices to meet consumers’ diverse needs, serving both physical and intellectual development of Cambodian generations.

The Challenge : 

The company has already established a secure reputation among the public, however the lack of consistent digital presence makes the brand less trustworthy. In addition, prior contents did not spark interests from the target audiences. Our objectives are :

  • Gain more brand awareness.
  • Get more traffic and engagement on social media channels, mainly Facebook.
  • Attract and acquire potential new fans or like.

The Strategy : 

In order to achieve the goal, we set up always-on content marketing under different pillars. By conducting behavioral observation of the target audience, we gathered various interactive topics consisting of lifestyle, fun facts and direct marketing to produce engaging social media contents. A particular amount of media buy was also used to enlarge the reach as well.

Aside from content marketing, we have divided the products into different categories and produced 3 video ads accordingly. A series of purposeful storyline was written based on each lifestyle of the target audience under the concept of secret happiness in relation to the products.

We also created a variety of digital ads such as carousel and page like in order to generate better brand awareness to a wider range of audience as well as attract new likes.

The Result :

In the middle of the campaign, we received much higher interests than expected. The fresh milk video ads acquired 2x more total engagement breaking down in 3.97K total engagement. In addition, we are actively handling the customer community as new wholesalers and retailers have been questioning for more specific info.