Orkidē Group

Orkidē Group

Type of Work: Content Marketing & Videography

Orkidé Group is a luxury, sophisticated and modernized residence in Cambodia. The company has established an outstanding reputation by providing premium residential projects located in prime locations across the country including Orkidé Villa – The Grand, Orkidé Villa – The Royal & The Royal Condominium and Orkidé Villa – The Botanic City.

The Challenge : 

As the brand was optimizing and restructuring their social media platforms, we were approached to handle one of their pages. Our objectives are:

  • Create an interactive communication platform.
  • Differentiate the page from previous projects.

The Strategy : 

Identifying the objective of the project, we gathered various educational facts related to the topic of residence to create a series of social media contents. In order to become a considerate brand, we have used guide and lifehacks type of content to create interaction with existing and new audiences. Additionally, we are working on a series of video production for the company as well.

The Result :

Aside from interacting with the audiences, we have also delivered company profiles to build stronger brand reputation as well. The page has gradually transformed its purpose to become a branding platform, which provides meaningful and useful information related to house.