Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro

Type of Work: Content Marketing, Photography & Videography

Ceramic Pro (Phnom Penh) is a franchised automotive surface protection company that offers a range of ceramic coating services. The brand is global and has been delivering unparalleled quality in more than 70 countries and 5000+ installers around the world.

The Challenge : 

As the service is new to the local, specific facts were considered in order to position the brand in the right image. Our objectives are :

  • Create brand awareness among the automotive community.
  • Deliver brand messages as a professional retail service.
  • Increase numbers of contact and inquiries.

The Strategy : 

We acknowledged the importance of always-on content marketing strategy in order to create online presence in the digital world. Direct sales and education were considered as the content pillar using a variety of visual formats such as professional photography and motion graphics.

Seeing remarkable results from previous case studies, we set up a series of videos that showcase the process of each service in order to build a stronger reputation and trust with the audiences.

The Result :

The brand has been receiving interest over the release of series videos according to continuous messages and appointments. In the meantime, we are strategizing and optimizing a new masterplan for future digital marketing for the brand as well.