DaYungs Cambodia

DaYungs Cambodia

Type of Work: Content Marketing & Photography

DaYung’s is a popular Taiwanese bubble tea, which arrived in Phnom Penh during 2017. The brand currently operates 2 local branches while having more than 260 stores in Taiwan.

The Challenge : 

Being in the ballooning food and beverages industry, especially the booming bubble tea, DaYung’s faced many challenges in terms of delivering their brand message and visual communication. Our objectives are:

  • Optimizing social media presence.
  • Create brand awareness among bubble tea consumers.
  • Increase visits or purchase in stores.

The Strategy : 

Acknowledging that visuals is an important communication format, we explored a number of art directions in order to create astonishing artworks for each of the unique drinks. During the release of seasonal beverages, we conducted a photoshoot with aesthetic decorative props to symbolize the ingredients included in the drinks.

Tone of voice was indeed considered during the creation of always-on content. In order to compete with existing brands, we picked up different personas using distinct evolving trends to communicate with the target audience.

The Result :

DaYung’s Cambodia has now established a consistent and polished digital presence, which the target audience regularly anticipate for the next release. The brand is additionally able to make a name among their competitors as well.