Anti Termite

Anti Termite

Type of Work: Content Marketing & Videography

Antitermite Co., Ltd (Antitermite) is an integrated eco-friendly pest management company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Being the foremost pest management and environment services company for more than 20 years, the brand has been providing termites and pests control with trained knowledge and latest technologies among major 5-star hotels, service apartments, luxury condominiums, embassy premises and so on.

The Challenge : 

The brand has a solid foundation, however we were approached to establish a consistent digital presence in order to expand their brand awareness. Our objectives are :

  • Expand brand awareness.
  • Optimize digital presence using creative format.
  • Increase numbers of contact and inquiries.

The Strategy : 

In order to reach the goal, we set up a consistent content marketing strategy using different pillars such as direct sale and educational facts. We believe that equipping general knowledge about termites and pests control is an essential key to interact with potential customers. Additionally, we had explored a diversity of creative visual communication formats, mainly heavy and motion graphics.

Following the increase of audience engagement through our creative artworks, we expanded the ideation into producing a company profile animation video that thoroughly describes the service.

The Result :

Based on the analysis, the company profile animation video received approximately 31.6K views upon releasing date. The brand has established a secure digital presence that works as a marketing platform in addition to their other strategy.