Khmer Enterprise (KE)

Khmer Enterprise (KE)

Type of Work: Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaign

Khmer Enterprise (KE) is the implementation unit of Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF). The organization aims to mobilize, invest and manage resources to support the development of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and to provide financial and non-financial support to builders as well.

The Challenge : 

To raise awareness of the project as well as leverage digital presence, we studied possible digital solutions using originally-produced creative statements that thoroughly describe the entire campaign. Our objectives are : 

  • Position the brand as an active entrepreneurial community.
  • Create an exciting and notable digital pre-launching campaign.
  • Establish a buzz of online awareness on social media platforms.

The Strategy : 

We have divided the campaign timeline into 2 phases using different themes to ensure the target audiences acknowledge the concept of entrepreneurship and types of fund provided by Khmer Enterprise. By working with the PR team, we have laid-out essential content pillars in always-on content marketing as well.

To strengthen the success of the campaign, we expanded the distribution channel from social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) to create an official website in order to acquire potential partners. The master video is being produced and a number of press-releases are ready to allocate to mark the end of the campaign.

The Result :

Following the strategies, Khmer Enterprise has been building a reputation as an influential entrepreneurship supporting system by continually receiving contact from the target audiences. According to a number of contacts from aspiring new entrepreneurs, the organization has established a solid foundation for their future marketing activities.