Ranong ThaiTea

Ranong ThaiTea

Type of Work: Content Marketing & Videography

Ranong ThaiTea is an instant tea product consisting of 3 flavors such as Matcha Green Tea Latte, Thai Tea Mix and Lemon Lime. Operating under the statement, “For Healthy Living”, the brand has unique product lines including Thai Tea, Ginfresh (Ginger Tea), Herbal Infusion (Green Tea), Mulberry Tea and many more.

The Challenge : 

Ranong ThaiTea has in fact established a strong brand reputation in the market, however their digital presence was nearly non-existent. Our objectives are :

  • Expand brand awareness on digital platforms.
  • Optimizing social media presence.
  • Deliver brand messages through creative solutions.

The Strategy : 

To deliver brand messages, we have produced a series of videos to inform the audience about the convenience of the product. Each of the videos incorporated distinct colors branding while pursuing different personalities such as attribution, comfort and enjoyment.

Aside from the video, we identified that always-on content marketing is an essential strategy to build a solid fan base. Brainstorming the profile, we have targeted the audience into 2 groups and produced a number of contents under specific pillars including engaging contest, product info and other social media sensation.

The Result :

Ranong ThaiTea Cambodia has established a solid online fan base while enjoying sales increase within the promotional period. In addition, the brand was able to create and expand future visual communication based on our optimization.