Three Corner Coffee

Three Corner Coffee

Type of Work: Content Marketing & Videography

Three Corner Coffee Roaster is a social enterprise, which aims to produce and promote 100% Cambodian coffee products with international standards of hygiene and quality, giving Cambodians the ability to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s global economy. The company makes sure that every step of the coffee roasting process, from bean to bag, is at higher than the top industry’s standards.

The Challenge : 

The brand has made a name in the coffee industry. In addition, they have been providing unique and customized coffee blends to both wholesale and retail customers, however the lack of digital presence made the brand unknown to potential online consumers. Our objectives are :

  • Establish brand awareness on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram.
  • Create an exciting 10th year anniversary campaign.
  • Increase numbers of contact and inquiries.

The Strategy : 

Working with the PR team of Three Corner Coffee Roaster, we divided the campaign into 3 phases using content and video marketing as the strategies with a certain amount of media buy to push the brand to a mass audience.

During the pre-launching, we have studied the significant background of the company in order to produce a series of branding content. As the company was releasing a new set of their retailed coffee blend packaging design, we produced teaser videos for 4 respective weeks to build hype with the audience.

We had conducted an interview and testimonial video with their several customers as an indirect shoutout for the brand. Upon the official release of the new package, we continuously deliver brand messages through various creative formats such as informative content and how-to series video.

The Result :

During the pre-launching period, our teaser videos exceed estimated KPI with one of them receiving up to 104.2K views within a week. In fact, the brand has established an integrated brand image through the released contents. On the other hand, the brand also improved their fanbase as they have been continuously interacting and receiving inquiries on the platform.